从前,要找到儿童友好巡游.但事情确实改变了!Today,a multitude of ships are purposely designed with families in mind.They're chock-full of age-specific activities,娱乐,餐饮选择shore excursions and more.Even more exciting is that they continue ramping up the fun to provide kids with an experience they will cherish forever.

Several large and mega-ships have been adding more bells and whistles to up the ante on things your family will add to their "must-do" list.改变游戏规则的活动和便利设施使游轮度假变得激动人心,不仅是成年人,但是年轻的客人也是。

Different lines boast a variety of family-friendly features which vary by ship,包括专门设计的住宿设施,除了提供隐私外,还提供充足的空间。您还将发现各种便利设施,让所有年龄段的人都感到快乐。Some suites even feature a slide from the second floor to the first allowing kids to make a show-stopping entrance.



孩子们在船上看不到足够多的景点——还有好消息,most are complimentary!充满行动的冒险可能包括从巨大的水上公园,攀岩墙,escape rooms,激光标签过山车,zip-lines,蹦极蹦床,surfing simulators,迷你高尔夫William Hill公司,冰上溜冰和骑自行车“在空中”来列举一些最有趣的产品。你能想象吗?去海上推车?也许碰碰车更适合您的速度——它们也在精选的船只上提供。Grab some popcorn,because family movie nights on the top deck provide a great night out for all.Some ships offer spa treatments for teens – a perfect way for parents and children to share some pampering.

威廉希尔娱乐场邮轮公司也在用包括更多创新幻灯片在内的令人难以置信的新功能增强水上公园。Hop on twisting slides,side-by-side racing tubes and some are cantilevered over the side of the ship.他们似乎越来越强大。Shrieks of delight will greet you with everything from those with drop-out floors,water cannons,螺旋漏斗,水枪,甚至是设计用来让人眼花缭乱的灯光效果。


许多船上都有专门针对特定年龄段的青年计划,这些计划都在专属区域举办。Participants range in age from 3 to 17 and those in between.精心策划的娱乐,and provide a social environment,younger cruisers can participate in parties,体育和琐事竞赛,dances,scavenger hunts,arts and crafts,story time,电影等等。Designated areas may also include an area for teens that with video games,foosball tables and their own disco.In addition to providing a great time for everyone,这是孩子们学习的好方法,create,社交和交新朋友。

在爆炸时,the cruise will also be an educational experience.Fun "edu-tainment" options may include a fascinating visit to aquariums and museums,这是一个令人着迷的家庭活动。旅游宫殿,堡垒,大教堂等等。当友好的当地人开始他们的日常生活时,当地的风俗和文化展现在你面前。Guided hikes,骑自行车和旅游不仅能提供积极的家庭体验,但是对于孩子们来说,这是一个学习保护的好机会。

根据行程,孩子们可以直接见证大自然的魔力,加深他们对世界及其所有物种居民的尊重。和海豚摇鳍,亲吻光线,get a smile from a sloth,喂一只卷尾猴等等。One-of-a-kind curated tours provide a unique perspective in destinations that are sure to leave a lasting impression.Imagine how excited they'll be when the kids spot animals living there,or meet an endangered species at home in a sanctuary.


bigstock-186853264.jpgMeal times are easy-peasy onboard with a wide assortment of restaurants serving a variety of diverse options,so kids have an opportunity to try foods from different countries.Casual venues,including poolside grills,提供无压力的膳食。Many main dining rooms serve kid-friendly choices for breakfast,午餐和晚餐。您还可以找到带有熟悉收藏夹的专用菜单,比如苹果和奶酪,披萨,鸡块,意大利面之类的,所以他们的饭菜也很好吃。挑食者,庆幸!.

Love of Travel

Perhaps best of all,when you cruise with kids,它灌输了对旅行和探险的热爱。他们将参观新的地方,会见来自世界各地的不同的人,同时了解我们在最重要的方面是多么的相似。Cruising can open a world of wonder for children that they will carry with them throughout their lives.



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